Children’s movies are not only an opportunity for you and your child to be entertained and have a fun time, but also to develop specific knowledge. Here are our favourites:

Many children feel identified with certain behavior and decisions of their favorite characters, being able to know how to deal with that situation. It also allows them to develop thinking, language, and the ability to put themselves in the other person’s place. 

In this article, you will learn about 5 children’s movies for kids that are entertaining and educative.

These movies are creative and always bring a message through their characters and above all, designed to entertain and reflect. Movies like Finding Nemo or Up, are just a few movies that children like because they are special and deal with topics that they can easily understand.

Want to know more? Well, here are the 5 Amazing children’s movies for kids to watch at home:

Monsters Inc (2001)

“Sulley” Sullivan and “Mike” Wazowski are the best scarers in the great Metropolis inhabited by monsters. However, a series of events causes them to live with a girl from the human world, which will teach them that they are not what other monsters say they are.  

Finding Nemo (2003)

Produced by Pixar, Finding Nemo is about a little fish named Nemo, an only child. One day, Nemo is caught on an Australian reef and ends up in a fish tank. It is there, when his father, embarks on a dangerous and exciting adventure to rescue his son. But Nemo will get some new friends with other plans to return to the sea. It is one of the highest-grossing animated films in history.

UP (2009)

In this animated film, Disney collaborated with Pixar studio to create a funny but sad comedy about a 78-year-old balloon salesman, Carl Fredricksen. The gentleman has a dream: to tie thousands of balloons to his house to fly to a special place in South America. However, as he sets out on the journey he will not do it alone, for there is Russell, a very optimistic 8-year-old boy scout, who will make his trip an odyssey. 

Wall-E (2008)

The plot of Wall-E begins with a robot of the brand Wall-E, which is designed to clean the garbage that covers the planet Earth after being devastated and abandoned by humans a long time ago. Later, EVA arrives, a probe and combat-type robot, sent to the planet to identify possible signs of life, implying that humans inhabit humanity again. 

Inside Out (2015)

Riley is a very giggly, creative, and intelligent little girl. When she is born, in the control center of her little mind comes Joy, one of her emotions. Soon after appears Sadness and, later, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, which will help her to manage the day-to-day of her life.