It’s that wonderful, but tiresome time: potty training. Though the freedom for your child is exciting, potty training is no small task. As every kid has different learning process, potty training is a complicated process, and there is no one optimal way to teach the necessary skills.

We’ve put up a list of advice to assist you in your young child’s new experience as you potty train them:

Ensure that your child is prepared. Avoid starting potty training too soon, before your child is ready to succeed, and try to take your time. Before beginning potty training, look for your child’s readiness clues.

Participate with your youngster in selecting the toilet. It will increase their sense of inclusion and enthusiasm for using a new potty.

Purchase big-kid underwear as a motivating gesture. Purchase amusing undergarments, such as those with a favorite superhero or cartoon figure. Tell your child that they can wear these amusing big kid underwear once they learn how to use the toilet. Additionally, you can use the wearing of thisunderwear as a reward while toilet training them. Just be ready for a few toilet mishaps.

Put the toilet in an accessible location. The bathroom is the logical place to put the potty (and by doing so, your child may come to associate using the toilet with that room), but you might also want to consider putting it in your child’s room for easy access after naps or in the playroom. Utilize a sticker chart to monitor (and acknowledge) success. When your child behaves well, let them put a sticker on the chart, which you may hang in the bathroom or close to the potty. Every time they receive a new sticker, they will be thrilled.

Make a song for potty training. Your youngster may feel more at ease and in the zone if you play some music for them if they look anxious about using the potty. The song can be sung while they are using the toilet or as the two of you are walking to it. You can either write your own little ditty or find a ton of song ideas in web videos.

Praise your child endlessly. Inform your little child when they use the toilet well. To keep their motivation strong and to reaffirm that they are working hard, you may also give them a hug or a high-five.

Give a book to your kid. While your child is really using the toilet, read them a book on using the potty or allow them to enjoy one of their favorite picture books to pass the time and promote relaxation. 

Enjoy being exposed. Some parents really believe in this method of potty training. The core concept is that letting your child be completely naked at home will encourage them to use the potty because they won’t have a diaper to use. This strategy may be especially helpful for kids who still struggle to pull down their training pants to use the potty. As with all of the advice in this article, this tactic might be most effective during the sweltering summer months, but it might not be effective for every child.

We hope you enjoy these tips and wish you the best of luck in this journey for you and your child!