The ongoing climate crisis in the world is soon reaching a point of no return, with clothing waste being responsible for 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Every year, there is over 92 million tonnes of clothing waste globally, which drastically increases our carbon footprint. There is only so much time left to act, which is why our company NEWORN wants to be a part of this change to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come — and so can YOU.

Babies cycle through clothing sizes at a minimum of 7 times within their first two years of life and these clothes are thrown out at an alarming rate. The waste created from throwing out children’s clothing is something the fashion industry often overlooks, which is where Neworn comes in. Within the fashion industry, only 10% of the clothing are recycled materials. Recycling clothing and having access to shop at sustainable children’s clothing brands is our company’s way of targeting this dire issue. As there are countless factors that are involved in raising a child in a sustainable fashion, ensuring that your child’s clothing comes from closed loop recycling is one of the many ways that we can reduce textile waste.

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Do More for the Planet

Did you know that planting just six native trees has the power to absorb 1 tonne of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere? With every X Euros you spend shopping through Neworn, you will plant one tree in Europe in return. 

Number of trees planted