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Buy and sell high quality children’s and baby clothes and benefit from exclusive discounts from our partner stores, the newest and hippest environmentally friendly brands in Austria.


Earn Money

Sell your used baby clothes to like-minded moms, who appreciate them – while earning cash. Finally declutter your home!

Find new baby clothes

Find high-quality secondhand baby clothes and save money. As soon as your child grows out of them you can resell them on Neworn.

Get rewarded

Every time you buy & sell on Neworn, you earn loyalty points, that you can use for discounts at our partner companies. 

Support local businesses

Our partners are local businesses that care about the people in their supply chain & source their ingredients responsibly.  

Save the planet

Reduce clothing waste and give pre-loved clothing a new life, for a greener future for our children.

Be part of our community

We are an international community of sustainable moms and dads, ready to help and support you. Think of it as a family.

Worldwide CO2 Emissions (mt)

% Fashion Industry

Tons of yearly clothes waste in Austria

% of clothes in Austria are thrown away!

Let’s solve this problem together.

one jade at a time.

What We Do

For young parents, it is time-consuming to live and raise a child sustainably.  Children grow out of their clothes fast which results in clothing waste and clutter. New baby clothes are expensive and have to be bought every few months. 

It is not only about what you buy – but also who you buy it from, as big corporations and brands are not transparent about their production processes.

That’s where Neworn comes in…

Neworn - Future of Kids Fashion
Neworn Parent App Design

Launching in September 2023

The new generation of recycling baby clothes to make a better world for the our children is coming in just a few months. 

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