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Neworn – The future of baby and children’s fashion

Neworn: Buy and sell high-quality, used children’s and baby clothes online
and get exclusive member discounts from top brands in Austria!

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Find high-quality second-hand baby clothes and save on every purchase. Resell when your child outgrows them.

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Every time you buy and sell on Neworn, you collect EcoPoints that you can use for exclusive discounts with our partner companies.

Support local businesses you care about

Our partners are Austrian companies that attach particular importance to sustainability and source their raw materials responsibly.

Be part of our community of sustainable moms & dads

We are a community of sustainable parents, ready to help and support you in all matters. Like a family.

What We Do

For young parents, it is time-consuming to live and raise a child sustainably.  Children grow out of their clothes fast which results in clothing waste and clutter. New baby clothes are expensive and have to be bought every few months. 

It is not only about what you buy – but also who you buy it from, as big corporations and brands are not transparent about their production processes.

That’s where Neworn comes in…

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Neworn – Your high-end flea market app for used children’s clothing and baby clothes

Our mission: To create an ecosystem that benefits both our partners and our customers by providing an online marketplace for used baby and children’s clothing and promoting sustainable businesses.

Neworn is an innovative second-hand sales platform and flea market app that allows you to conveniently buy and sell your little ones’ used baby and children’s clothes and sustainable fashion online. The Neworn app is available for free in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, so you can download it easily. It offers a user-friendly way to post classified ads and sell second-hand clothes or search for high-quality second-hand children’s fashion.

Neworn is aimed at parents, moms and dads looking for quality children’s clothing for newborns, babies, toddlers and children, be it for girls or boys. With Neworn you always have an online flea market in your pocket, whether you are in Vienna or in any other part of Austria. Use the app to find great bargains or offer your own second-hand clothes and advertise them for free. Neworn is the perfect solution for eco-conscious parents who are looking for sustainable fashion for their little ones and want to save money.

Large selection of baby clothes and children’s clothing: from A for anoraks to Z for zipper hoodie

An extensive selection of baby clothes and children’s clothing awaits you here. For the little ones, whether girls or boys, we offer a lovingly put together range of items, including rompers with feet, baby bodysuits, baby walkers, crawling shoes, baby shoes and cute baby socks.

We also have a wide selection for slightly older kids and toddlers: Children’s shoes, children’s sandals, colorful children’s socks, children’s boots and comfortable children’s leggings.

Cosiness and comfort should not be missing at home, which is why we also offer a selection of slippers, pyjamas, nightwear and cuddly bathrobes. Whether you’re styling your little ones or spending cozy hours at home, you’ll find everything you need here.

Our range for babies and children, for both girls and boys, offers you the perfect clothing for every season. In winter we are prepared for everything from cozy winter jackets, waterproof winter shoes, warm winter socks to winter boots, walkoveralls, thermal leggings, ski jackets, ski boots, ski pants, snow boots, hats, tube scarves and gloves. With our selection of softshell and fleece jackets, your little ones will be perfectly equipped for activities such as skiing, winter vacations, snowball fights and tobogganing.

For summer, we offer UV suits, UV shirts, UV swimwear, swimming trunks, swimming shoes and sun hats, perfect for beach vacations, summer vacations and relaxed family swimming trips.

In spring and fall, we have rain jackets, rain pants, rain suits, mud pants and lined rubber boots to keep your kids dry and warm in changeable weather. Whatever the season or activity, you’ll find the right clothes for your little ones.

Our diverse selection of clothing for babies and children, for both girls and boys, covers not only everyday life, but also special occasions and holidays. For Halloween and Carnival, we offer a wide range of costumes including witches, vampires, superheroes, ninjas, police officers, ice queens, Barbies and Harry Potter. Our selection of children’s costumes will make the hearts of little adventurers beat faster.

As Christmas approaches, you’ll find festive Christmas pyjamas for children and cute Christmas sweaters that are perfect for celebrating the festive season. And for special occasions such as weddings and christenings, we offer festive dresses for girls, baby suits for christenings, christening dresses etc. so that your little ones are stylishly dressed for these important events. Whether it’s spookiness at Halloween, joy at Christmas or elegance at weddings and christenings, we have the right clothes for your little darlings.

In our range, you’ll find an impressive selection of popular children’s clothing brands, including the hottest trends and top brands in the fashion world. We offer a variety of high-quality designer fashion, including popular brands such as Adidas children’s shoes, Nike children’s shoes, Birkenstock slippers, the comfortable Crocs, stylish clothing from H&M and Zara, as well as quality products from Superfit and Ralph Lauren.

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Stay up to date with our monthly newsletter and follow us on Instagram with the hashtags #NewornStyle and #NewornBaby to become part of our inspiring community. Neworn is not only about clothes, but also about sharing knowledge, experiences and the common pursuit of a happy and sustainable family life.

Only the best for your baby and you in our exclusive partner stores

We are pleased to introduce you to our valued partner stores in Austria who work closely with Neworn to offer you a diverse shopping experience. In Vienna and all over Austria we have first-class partners like  Babäm!, markta, SooNice Sunnies, ehrenwort and many more. We are proud to work with these first-class partner stores to offer you the best for your family and together fulfill the needs of parents and children.

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