NEWORN is an online marketplace for second-hand baby clothes with the aim of reducing clothing waste. We incentivize our users to recycle their clothes by offering discounts at our sustainable partner companies. NEWORN is also a place for parents to interact and encounter like-minded people internationally. Integrity, respect, and mindfulness are the values that unite the NEWORN team, our partners, and our customers.

Together we can work on creating a more sustainable way of life for future generations.  

“Creating an ecosystem that benefits our partners as well as our customers by providing a marketplace for second-hand baby clothes and growing sustainable businesses through loyalty points.”


“Extending the life of products – while improving the lives of families sustainably.”


About Our Founders

Our founders Caroline and Ole met while working on their Senior Masters Project. Caroline, the CEO, has experience in E-Business and with her planning skills, she is able to give direction to the company. She has also worked in Marketing and Sales for many years which gives her the ability to see the bigger picture. Ole, the CIO, is a creative genius and is very good at communication, which allows him to build strong meaningful connections with partners and potential customers. With Caroline being Austria and Ole being from the Netherlands, this duo brings all the ingredients to the table that are required to successfully launch and run a business.

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Integrity, Respect, & Mindfulness

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