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Neworn is an online marketplace for second-hand baby clothes with the aim of reducing clothing waste. We incentivize our users to recycle their clothes by offering discounts at our sustainable partner companies. Neworn is also a place for parents to interact and encounter like-minded people. 

Integrity, respect, and mindfulness are the values that unite the Neworn team, our partners, and our customers. Together we can work on creating a more sustainable way of life for future generations! 


At Neworn, we aim to reduce the amount of clothing waste in Austria, promote recycling, and reward our users with loyalty points to encourage sustainable consumption.”


“Extending the life of products,
while improving the lives of families sustainably.”

our Team

Ole Kramer

Ole Kramer

Co-Founder & Head of Growth

“There is no change without risk”

Caroline Schober

Caroline Schober

Co-Founder & CEO

“The only limit is your mind”

& Team

& Team

Why we started neworn

Founders Neworn

The ongoing climate crisis in the world is soon reaching a point of no return, with clothing waste being responsible for 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

The fashion industry as a whole is responsible for 10% of the global carbon emissions and waste is something this industry often overlooks. Looking at the materials used, only 10% of the clothes are mare from recycled materials.

Every year, there is over 92 million tonnes of clothing waste globally, which drastically increases our carbon footprint. 

In Austria alone, some 221,800 tons of textile waste are disposed of annually. Merely 5% of this is gathered independently through collections of secondhand garments.

The great bulk of 77 percent is burned, with only 17% being recycled and repurposed for secondhand uses. In Austria, the textile waste that comes from individuals, homes, or enterprises accounts for 97% of the garbage generated after consumption.


Using textiles and textile products as long as possible and efficiently is the main strategy for reducing textile waste. This necessitates the use of intelligent design-based solutions that advance sustainable consumption and circular production. Not exactly a simple task. This is due to the fact that old fabrics are becoming more abundant, and fast fashion—clothes made rapidly and inexpensively—is causing a decline in clothing quality.

Especially for baby clothes the lifespan is very short.

Babies cycle through clothing sizes at a minimum of 7 times within their first two years of life. These clothes are thrown out at an alarming rate. 

This is where Neworn comes in…

Our founders have made it their mission to enable parents to make the reuse of baby and kids clothing as easy as possible to contribute to a sustainable future for the next generations. 



Worldwide CO2 Emissions (mt)

% emitted by the fashion Industry

Tons of yearly clothes waste in Austria

% of clothes in Austria are thrown away!

Let’s solve this problem together.

one Ecopoint at a time.

Our parter Companies


Every time you buy & sell on Neworn, you earn EcoPoints, that you can use for discounts at our partner companies. 

The businesses we work with care about the people in their supply chain and source their ingredients responsibly.

There are many sustainable solutions and companies in the market that source their ingredients and product components responsibly and care about the supply chain – and these are the companies you will find here!

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