Beevie: Vienna’s Natural Beauty Secret

Feb 28, 2024 | Partner Spotlight

Beevie X Neworn
© Beevie
Beevie X Neworn
© Beevie
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Located in Vienna, Beevie, an organic cosmetics brand, sprouted in 2021 under the thoughtful guidance of its founder, Lukas Brändle.

With more than a decade of beekeeping experience and a passion for natural cosmetics since 2016,  Beevie set out to transform skincare using locally-sourced ingredients.

Beevie X Neworn
© Beevie

A Symphony of Nature’s Gifts in Every Jar

What sets Beevie apart is its devotion to incorporating products straight from the world of bees – honey, beeswax, and propolis sourced from their in-house apiary. A true ode to the city, up to 60% of Beevie’s ingredients hail from Vienna.

Certified as organic cosmetics, Beevie products go beyond conventional skincare. With innovative formulas and a commitment to using 100% natural raw materials, they epitomise modern care products that seamlessly fuse gentleness with efficacy. Experience the immediate and lasting effects as the natural high-tech active ingredients unfold, leaving your skin revitalised and radiant.

Sustainability Woven into Every Jar

Beevie goes beyond skincare; it is a commitment to a responsible relationship with nature, people, and the environment. Every product is not just a natural cosmetic but a certified organic one. Exclusively using ingredients devoid of mineral oils, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, Beevie takes pride in cruelty-free practices – none of their ingredients are tested on animals.


 The urban setting of Beevie’s manufactory speaks volumes about their dedication to sustainability. Powered by green electricity and biogas, the production process not only minimises environmental impact but also shortens distances, emphasising a local and eco-conscious approach.

At Beevie, the journey to radiant skin is intertwined with a commitment to nature, creating a skincare experience that resonates with the harmony of Vienna’s buzzing streets. Explore the Beevie collection today and let your skin revel in the artistry of nature. 

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