Introducing SooNice Sunnies: Where Style Meets Sustainability

Feb 28, 2024 | Partner Spotlight

SooNice X Neworn
© SooNice Sunnies
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A Vision for Children’s Eyewear

It all began with a simple realisation during a family dinner – the importance of protecting children’s eyes with quality sunglasses. Determined to create a solution tailored specifically for kids, the founders of SooNice Sunnies embarked on a mission to revolutionise children’s eyewear.

SooNice X Neworn
© SooNice Sunnies

Crafted with Care, Designed for Kids

Traditional children’s sunglasses often fall short, most of the time they are scaled-down versions of adult designs. SooNice Sunnies set out to change the game, crafting sunglasses meticulously designed with children in mind. From scratch-resistant lenses to innovative side flaps, every detail is tailored to meet the unique needs of young wearers.

Sustainability lies at the heart of SooNice Sunnies

Made from ECONYL nylon, a sustainable material crafted from recycled waste like fishing nets and industrial plastics, their sunglasses offer eco-friendly protection without compromising on quality. Handcrafted in Milan to meet the highest standards, their sunglasses are lightweight, flexible, and endlessly stylish.

Available in a range of pastel hues, their sunglasses not only shield delicate eyes but also make a fashion statement. Plus, they’re fully recyclable, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

We are proud to have SooNice Sunnies as one of our partner companies on Neworn.

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